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Tuesday, February 17

Mboch Toss

When I had malizad seco and I was lounging at home, we got a mboch with these wide hips. She used to eye me seductively from Day 1.

On many occasions, she would come into my room ati washing the floor, ass first. Her madiabas were high in the air, swinging side to side, as she was backing in, like a lorry off-loading kokoto from a quarry.

One day this enticement got to be too much and I grabbed the mboch and tossed her onto my bed. I had amuad that she would receive the mdinyo of her life that day for all the silent suffering I had been undergoing!

Silprosa the mboch had other ideas in mind; she undressed and quickly hoisted Ali Baba, tossed him into the cave, grabbed my hips and started thrusting me in and out. Apparently she was not satisfied with this style and much to my utter amazement, she tossed me up in the air and flipped me around like a chapo. A full 180 degrees!

I hadn't the foggiest idea what was going on and I wanted to tell her that I had had enuff by this time. Unfortunately, I was now facing the mboches toes and was in no mood to engage in a conversation with her feet.

Picture this ... am lying on top of her, grabbing onto her ankles for dear life because I dint know what crazy stunt she had in store for me next. And she on the other hand is looking right into the crack of ma ass. To encourage me to pump, she smacked my butt a few times. There I was being dinywod by the mboch while facing her toes. To add to the indignity of the situation, she was slapping my ass!

When it was over, she got up and picked up the rag and backed out of my room wiping the floor and left me in the foetal position tightly clutching my blanket in fear. To this day I get shivers when I watch a pizza being made ...


Blogger The future diplomat said...

aki I rarely book mark blogs but why lie you have been cracking meup in the office like crazy, heh ebu make sure the stories keeping coming. you just made my morning

9:41 AM  
Blogger BlackKnutz said...

Your wish is my command, future dip. Keep scanning that book mark for updates :)

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Utanikoma said...

Seriously, you have mad skills. You should publish. I laughed so hard I had to step out of the office with a fake cough so I could finish laughing.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ngai fafa!! all i can say!

4:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have not gotten any work done since i stumbled onto this blog (i think that was 2 hours ago), i still have a smile on my face as I post this comment too too funny!!!!

3:40 AM  
Anonymous savvykenya said...


4:56 AM  
Blogger cesky cess said...

Hehehe.... Crazy this is!

4:57 AM  
Blogger cesky cess said...

hehehe... Crazy this is!

4:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed this piece is very artfully presented. Kudos!!!

3:03 PM  

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