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Wednesday, November 20

Mdinyo Stories

Have you ever had a mdinyo storo that you have just wanted to dish out? Well here's mine. This one time I was dinyaring this babe like a nonsenz. I had been having hanjaams for like 2 weeks and I was on top of her diggin like an oil drill in Texas. Si sometimes you can't kuja for a long time? This was one of those days for me. The babe had wikaad in every language she had been tutored in starting with her mboch and ending with Alliance de Francais. "Uuuuweee! Tiga Riu! Wacha Sasa! Stop Now! ArrĂȘter Maintenant! Uuweeee!" Like the energizer bunny, I just kept on going and going and going. Just when she was about to pass out, she stopped me and asked Sniff, sniff .... "Ni nini hiyo inanuka rubber inachomeka?" "Huh"? I knew there was nothing cooking on the stove. I chucked Bwana Johnson and to my surprise, the condom was smoking! This was before the days I had styled up and started using Vaseline or K-Y. I blew on it like those western cowboys after firing their pistols. I looked back down and the babe had hepad. She had limped to the next room, dressed up and took off to the bus stop saying "Woi woi woi!" . Last I heard she had recovered and was telling her friends "Ma' ya Ngai ndira miss muthisho wa BK ...".


Anonymous Anonymous said... are nuts! I like your blog though.


5:06 PM  
Anonymous kip said...

LOL you guy you got jokes i say.. lol too funny

2:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TOOO FUNNY! Those are kabisa 'shaggs' stories!!! Ahem..or so i hear!

5:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:00 AM  

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